Carbon Partners

Carbon Partners, a global leader since 1983, takes pride in delivering high-quality raw materials tailored to the unique specifications of our valued customers in the electrometallurgical industries.

With strategic offices in Bahrain, Kristiansand, and Knoxville, our efficient team caters to major ferroalloy producers worldwide. Backed by technical expertise and enduring commercial relationships, we offer not just products but a partnership that extends beyond expectations.

Whether you're in North America, served from Knoxville, or anywhere else globally, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Owned by Verdo in Denmark since February 2011, Carbon Partners provides a diverse range of coal and coke products, meeting customer specifications in terms of size, ash, and sulphur. Our logistical proficiency ensures timely delivery, adhering to customer preferences on FOB or CIF basis. From low and medium ash stoker coals to reactive semi-cokes and petroleum cokes, we are your trusted partner in supplying PCI and cooking coals for steelmaking, as well as thermal coals for heat and power production. Experience the difference with Carbon Partners – where expertise, reliability, and customer satisfaction converge."


Carbon Partners offer a wide range of carbon products, raw materials, and services, expertly tailored to meet the specific needs of metallurgical, thermal, and industrial customers that are seeking unique solutions.


With an efficient small staff and offices in Bahrain, Kristiansand (Norway), and Knoxville (Tennessee, USA), the company covers the world in its marketing activities.


We offer carbon based materials such as low ash coals, semi-cokes and petcokes to the silicon and ferro alloy industries and we sell raw materials and thermal carbons to global industries and production.

We advise you and help you

We are proud to deliver raw materials for production of metals and alloys such as​


  • Silicon (Si) ​
  • Ferrosilicon (FeSi)​
  • Ferromanganese (FeMn) and Silicomanganese (SiMn)​
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)


which are key ingredients to make solar cells (photovoltaics), future batteries (e-mobility) and fuel cells (hydrogen mobility), tires with low rolling resistance (low fuel or electricity consumption), energy saving lighting with LED (light emitting diode), light-weight aluminum strong enough for cars and airplanes, steel stronger which allows reduced total material usage and weight of constructions, all electronic devices including computers and mobile phones, at all possible.


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